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Korean Program

Canada College offers a variety of Korean courses within a well-structured program, designed to meet the requirements of adult learners from beginner to advanced.

Korean Progression


This level aims to develop your proficiency in pronouncing and writing Korean vowels and consonants, and gradually building your vocabulary and a list of terminologies. Through dialogues, role-plays, and other interactive activities, you will learn basic daily expressions used in different settings. By the end of the course, you will have developed an understanding of Korean culture through various discussions and audio/visual aids.


This level further builds the four language skills – speaking, listening, writing and reading – with an emphasis on oral skill sets. Through learning expressions and vocabulary, you will become competent to carry on basic conversations in a wide variety of settings. You will also learn grammar, such as verb conjugations; and pronunciation rules. Completion of our beginner level or an evaluation is required.


Continuing from the low-intermediate level, this level further explores a variety of grammatical patterns, terminology, and situational dialogues. You will practice pronunciation through drills and exercises in an interactive learning environment. Completion of our low-intermediate level or an evaluation is required.


You will learn complex sentence structure and advanced vocabulary to express your thoughts and feelings. Role-plays, dialogues, and in-class presentations will strengthen your conversational skills. Written skills will also be a focus in this course. Completion of our high-intermediate level or an evaluation is required.


Materials from various reading sources will be used to present routine social interactions at this level. Terminology, idioms, Korean proverbs, and Chinese-origin proverbs will also be covered. Upon completion, students will be capable of expressing their thoughts on diverse topics through practice doing presentations, role-plays, and other interactive activities. Completion of our low-advanced level or an evaluation is required.


Designed for students with knowledge of elementary words and simple phrases, this course further builds your oral skills by learning vocabulary and idiomatic expressions through discussing various topics. Students will gain better understanding of the cultural context underlying spoken Korean.


This course combines the fun of watching a Korean TV drama with the practicality of learning conversational phrases. You will learn the proper usage of Korean idioms as determined by various real life situations. Upon completion of the course, students oral and written skills will be enhanced through learning from additional online resources.

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